If you are looking to fill a gap in your life maybe left by the loss of a dear pet please consider one of our rescued cats / kittens. We have taken them from situations of dire need and are looking for good, responsible homes with people who will provide the love and care that they need. If you want to help save a life and reap the benefits that a new companion can provide you will not regret taking this step and we can go on to save more lives. Don’t shop – adopt!


Anyone can volunteer in some way. If you cannot commit to a fixed amount of time it doesn’t matter, anything you can do will help.


We also need foster carers. Sometimes we get kittens who are too young to be away from their mothers and cannot feed themselves. These require very specific people, they need someone who can bottle feed around the clock, even in the middle of the night. These foster carers are very hard to come by, as you can imagine, and you would need to be a very special kind of person to be able to handle this kind of work.


We need money, no two ways about it. Whether you donate money directly via our paypal account or whether you raise money and donate that way, it all helps. You can also donate items that we can sell to raise money. We have adoption events most Saturdays, weather permitting, and here we not only showcase the cats we are looking to rehome but we also sell various goods. We do a nice line in cakes and jams. We sell jewellery and books and other new items, all to help towards our running costs.


Please contact us with any ideas you have for helping us, we will be pleased to hear from you. Every Shekel helps and they all add up to one more life saved.

We are ready 4 adoption



Shimon is ready for adoption. He is 10 months old and a love bug. He was involved in a serious



Yoavi is ready for adoption. He is 10 months old and a love bug. He was involved in a serious