Starting a Kitten Foster Program

We are in desperate need of people young or old to help give our kittens and cats a caring temporary home. In foster, there’s socialization for young kittens, space for mother cats to raise their young, and time for sick or injured cats to heal. Without these foster homes, we are unable to function and help many of these cats and kittens that want to survive.

kitten foster program

Foster home requirements:

  • A warm, dry, safe place in a separate room, in the home, away from other animals
  • To have time especially when it comes to feeding young kittens.  
  • Commitment through the duration until they find their forever home.
  • Spending some time with foster kittens (and mother if she’s with them), for socialization and basic care besides the 2/4 hourly feeding until they grow.
  • An explanation about fostering will be given to anyone who asks.
  • Ability to travel to Adoption day and the vet as required.
  • Foster families with children are welcome, but parents must assume responsibility for the foster cat/kittens
  • If you are interested in becoming a foster volunteer, please contact us at:  054-4796253 – Lesleigh

Food and other essentials can be provided if requested and upon availability.