Volunteering projects

High School

Every high school has a compulsory volunteer project.
A young girl, who studies at Alon High School in Ramat Hasharon, came up with the idea of volunteering to foster kittens.
After being introduced to Pizzi and Lizzi two charming, friendly Ginger 2 month old female kittens from Raanana Cats Association. These kittens are up for adoption as well.
The infatuation was mutual as you can see in the photos.
A wonderful idea and would contribution to the community, If your school or community is interested in a foster program, please contact us.

Volunteering projects - Grandparents

Grandparents for fostering!!!

HappinessHeroes – video 

Do you know anyone who has retired or is not working and would like to foster a kitten?

Fostering a kitten could give them a purpose to get up in the morning. Think how wonderful this would be for both humans and kittens?

Please contact us for further information.

Volunteering projects - High School